New Club Manager

Some very exciting news!

Jo Harwood, who is a committed member of the club and all around dynamo is taking on the role of club manager.

Jo has a successful professional history in marketing, sales, administration and has owned and operated her own companies. She’s super energetic and I’m sure many of you have already seen what she can achieve when she was part of the Tennis committee.

Jo has a real love for the club and strong skills for the role. A great combination to achieve excellence and meet our goals.

The Club Manager role will change slightly with Jo at the helm. The Drivers for this are the implementation of the ClubSpark club management system (more on tis to follow in coming weeks) and the need for the club to generate more revenue through Sponsorship, Events, Venue Hire and Usage. Jo has the perfect skill set to achieve the administrative and management outcomes required and bring about the growth needed in these key areas.

The office hours will be changing slightly once Jo has a clear picture of how that will work best. She will be available some evenings at the club to enable better access for members. We will publish these hours once we are sure of what works best.

I’m sure you’ll join the BBRC executive in welcoming Jo into the role and doing whatever you can to support her success!

David Wilson-Norris – President

Become a Sponsor

We are looking to attract sponsorship to help develop our Club and its players. Our sponsorship partners will benefit from brand awareness, media exposure and also giving back to help our club services. Sponsorship packages will be individually tailored, we know $500 from a local company to our club goes a long way to offset the rising costs of our sport. We have packages available to suit all budgets, all aspects can be negotiated to suit individual requirements.

If your company can help sponsor a court or an event please get in touch with me on [email protected] to arrange a chat, your support is appreciated!

Our Club Needs You!

Come join our team at as a Bar Buddy, we’re looking for club members to offer their services in our club bar, this will help us to manage our club to be more financially stable for our future.

In return for your kindness, you will receive a discount credit from your annual membership plus the opportunity to help our club!

The club bar is open Monday to Saturday. If you can spare a few hours weekly or monthly please e-mail [email protected] for further information.

From the Tennis Court
JUNIORS Tennis Competition RTNZ CUP 2019, will take place this year on 8th of December: .

RomTennisNZ CUP 2019-Juniors Round Robin TENNIS competition
Sunday, 8th of DEC 2019, 8.30 am (rain-day 15th of DEC)
Venues:  Beach Haven Sports Centre / Beach Haven Tennis Club (29 Cresta Ave, Beach Haven, North Shore)
ONLINE REGISTRATION :​…/RomTennisNZ…/FormularInscriere.aspx
Entry deadline : 29th NOV 2019
Or call: Gabriel 021-175 75 86 ,  email : [email protected]

Tennis Northern Ladies Interclub

New Grading Points Table

There is no change to the Grades and points bands for Male players. Females’ Grades stay the same but the points bands will change as follows:

Male GradePointsFemale GradePointsNotes
13600+13000+Reserved for WTA and ATP ranked players.
A player who loses their Pro ranking will be dropped to S2.

Mid Week Social
Every Wednesday 9.00am – 11.00am

Business House / Thursday Social Tournament
Every Thursday 7.00pm – 10:30pm

Veteran Morning
Every Friday 9.00am – 11:30am

Junior Club Night
Every Friday 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Free for all Junior Club Members to attend

Club Afternoon
Every Sunday 2.00pm – 4.00pm

From the Squash Court

Wow what an evening for our first Spring Team Challenge 2019, the bar was buzzing. Thank you to all participants and to Grant, Martin, Sara, Chris and the strong supportive committee who dedicated their time to make this event happen, even if you’ve not entered please come along next Thursday from 7pm to watch and enjoy a drink in the bar.

Senior Club Night
Every Thursday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Ladies Squash Night
Every Friday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Junior Club Night
Every Friday 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Free for all Junior Club Members to attend

Lost Keys

Are either of these two sets of keys yours? if so please e-mail [email protected] to claim.

Senior Club Night
Every Thursday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Ladies Squash Night
Every Friday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Junior Club Night
Every Friday 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Free for all Junior Club Members to attend