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It is with great pleasure that we can inform our membership that we have finally got this project funding over the line.  Before Christmas this year the Tennis Courts 1-5 will have new Lumosa LED Lights Installed from Tiger Turf.

This grant application process has had many people involved along the way, and for over 2 years we have perservered to complete this absolutely vital capital upgrade for our club.  The journey started in the winter months of 2017, with the current committee at the time investigating what our options were in the market to upgrade our night lights as we could see they were well and truly on their last legs.  At this time Hallides were still the best option as the LED technology did not meet our requirements of lighting 5 courts from only four poles located at the west and east ends of the courts.  It would have required 2 more poles to be installed behind the ends of court 3 at an additional cost of up to $100K.

Grants were applied for in the November of 2017 and in the December of 2017 we recieved from Lion Foundation $10,000.00 towards the cost.  In the May of 2018 another application was made to TAB  to contribute to the project and we were successful in recieving $12,500.00 in the July of 2018.

Move forward a year from our intial investigations and we requested an extension to the funding bodies as we still did not have sufficient funds to complete the entire job.  At this time we could see that technology had caught up on the LED front.  A trip to the new installation by Tiger Turf at Millwater sports grounds proved to the committee that we were making a grave mistake by installing Hallides again.  So back to the grants bodies, putting in a lengthy proposal to them around allowing us to submit a change of quote for their funding payment to be put to LED Lights instead of Hallides.   In the November of 2018 both Lion and TAB approved that their grants could be used to pay Tiger Turf as a deposit to the project allowing the survey and resource consents to be done.  Stage 1 Complete.

Further Grants were applied for in  November 2018, succesfully recieving another $10,000 from Four Winds.  Unfortunately due to inability to raise the remainder of funds in time, after several denied grants, we had to return this money, but they reassured us we should be successful if we applied again.  In April 2019 we were successful in gaining a grant from Four Winds, but this time they gave us $15,000.00 so were that much closer to getting this project over the line.  These funds paid for the purchase of the LED lights from Europe where they are predesigned based on the survey that was done in the initial stages of the project.  Stage 2 complete.

This left us at stage 3 of the project –  INSTALLATION, where we needed $19,000.00 to get this massive project to completion.  Two weeks ago we were notified that we had been successful in recieving  grants from Grass Roots and from Pub Charity.  We can now after a long process of what has been 2 years in the making finally get our new lights installed.  We know many members have been frustrated at the lack of lights on many occaisions and how long it has taken to get this over the line.  We would like to thank the following core people who have been involved from the start & throughout the process in helping us to get these grants over the line and make a difference for our club.  Mariska Van Deventer, Anna Leech, Gary Bancroft, Becky Young, Andrew Storm, Warren Davey, Brigid Curran, & Jen Barlass.  Perseverance pays off and we are already working on the next big project for BBRC.

Membership Renewals

There are still alot of members who have not paid their annual membership that was due on the 1 September 2019.  If you have not already spoken to the Club Manager about your payment please do so.  Your access cards have not been updated and your access & online bookings will be affected.

Ball Machine

Please note that the Ball machine is back at the club and ready for action. Members can hire the ball machine for $15.00 per hour.


A kind reminder to members that courts can be booked online as well as searching for member’s contact details. If you struggle with your log in details please contact me for support.

From the Tennis Court


Again our midweek ladies from Tennis have gone the extra mile even in the rain on a horrible grey day.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank Midweek ladies for their contributions to our club.  They continue to work on our gardens ensuring we have a presentable club frontage.  They have also kindly donated a new court net and centre tape from their fundraising efforts over the last year.  Every bit helps to keep our club fit for play, so the next time they ask you to buy a raffle ticket, please dig deep into your pockets and support them as a lot of what they raise goes back into your club.

Leanne Pomfrett putting up the new centre tape on court 7

Sheryl Vincent weeding and digging deep in the garden.

New net for stock to replace the damage court 5 net.

Mid Week Social
Every Wednesday 9.00am – 11.00am

Business House / Thursday Social Tournament
Every Thursday 7.00pm – 10:30pm

Veteran Morning
Every Friday 9.00am – 11:30am

Junior Club Night
Every Friday 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Free for all Junior Club Members to attend

Club Afternoon
Every Sunday 2.00pm – 4.00pm

From the Squash Court
We are pleased to announce that Jarrod Van Driel (Double Dot Squash) has formalised his partnership with BBRC with signing of his contract.  We view the outcome as a win-win for both Jarrod’s coaching and for the club.  It is great having a professional coach dedicated to the club and being available to support our members to grow their game and attract new members to the club.
Jarrod has said “Double Dot Squash will be looking to introduce new members to the club through various initiatives as well as introducing new programmes and developing current programmes for existing club members.”

A2 Squash Tournament
Thank you and we hope you enjoyed our tournament last month.  There was a great vibe at the club and fantastic to spend time with our New Caledonian friends.  Along with entry fees and raffles tickets we made a profit of just around $1400 in addition to the $4000 plus takings at the bar.  This is fantastic for the club.  As agreed with the executive all tournament profits will go back into court upgrades (watch this space).

 Spring Doubles Interclub

If you are interested in entering please place your interest along with your partner(s) at [email protected] by the 16th October.
Open to all C2 and above players.
5 weeks of play
Mondays, 4th Nov – 2nd Dec

Club Night
Senior squash club night has been revamped to help make busy nights more structured, inclusive and fun for all.  Court 1 is still multi-player 3/4 court format.  Courts 2,3, and 4 are for singles match-ups.  Put your name on the whiteboard next to court 1 door to book a 15 minute slot with another opponent.  A timer beeps every 15 mins to rotate players.  Get to play a range of grades, meet other players and join them for a drink at the bar afterwards.

Hold these dates:
Next year we have locked in our tournaments.  We will introduce a doubles tournament in March (Friday and Saturday competition).  Also in May subject to securing sponsors (which we are confident on) we will again hold a PSA event.  Bring on 2020.
Mar 20-21 Browns Bay Squash Doubles (Hawaiian theme)
May 22-24 Browns Bay PSA Satellite
Aug 14-16 Browns Bay Squash Club Champs
Sept 25-27 Browns Bay A2

Senior Club Night
Every Thursday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Ladies Squash Night
Every Friday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Junior Club Night
Every Friday 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Free for all Junior Club Members to attend

From the Coaches

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From the Tennis Coach
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