From the Tennis Court

Hi all,

We are hosting, along with 127 clubs nationwide, a fun and FREE Open Weekend on September 7-8th from 1-4pm.

We need your help… if we want to attract new members and share our love for our game/s… squash members are welcome to join us and attract for squash!

Come down and encourage new players,
– Blow up some balloons,
– Donate your old racquets for the day,
– Help with the BBQ,
– Hand out flyers,
– Hit and talk with new people,
– Enter the draw to win a trip for two the ASB Classic,
– Help sell raffle tickets…Club members are encouraged to get behind this campaign to promote and support your local club and bring along their friends. Please volunteer to help, you will get a great love tennis t-shirt and hells pizza for your trouble!
We can’t do it without you!
Please let us know if you can donate some time…. juniors this includes you!

For more information or the lovetennis Facebook page or any questions welcomed to me at [email protected]

Inter club registration 2019/2020
Registration forms were sent out a week ago.
So far 44 responses have been received. Thanks to those eager beavers!
You have until the 20th of August to register via the link:
Please note your 2019/20 BBRC full membership fees must be paid in order to be placed in an interclub team.
– Mixed Doubles – Saturday at 1pm
– Mens Singles – Grades 5 -7 Mondays at 6pm
                            – Grades 1-4 Tuesdays at 6pm
– Mens Doubles -Thursday Nights 7pm
– Womens Singles- Wednesday at 6 pm
– Womens Doubles – Thursdays at 7pm
Fast approaching is our fun and raucous Tennis Prize Giving Night on August 3rd.
Tickets are available through Rachael in the office and behind the bar.
Don’t miss out on the social event of the year!
Details below…


Ever wanted to try squash?   Please consider entering the ‘old, broken or new’ competition on 23-25th August, open to all tennis only members.  It will involve two 30min games and being part of a fun event.  Free squash coaching or ‘have a hit’ sessions are planned beforehand, on 10th and 11th August between 11am-1pm.

General Club News


“A complaint was laid against Paula Carruthers by a member of the club. The decision to not renew Paula’s membership was unjust and that decision has been reversed. BBRC apologises to Paula for this injustice. We welcome Paula as a member of BBRC once again.”

Code Of Conduct and hearing process

There has been a recent dispute between BBRC and one of its members, Paula Carruthers, over a Code of Conduct matter which resulted in an incorrect decision to decline Paula’s membership. The club and Paula have now reached agreement on this matter and Paula’s membership has been reinstated. While the Executive acted in good faith and followed the rules for hearing such matters as set out in the Club’s constitution, there are other principles of natural justice which should have been applied but were not. The Executive was not aware of this at the time and followed only the constitution. As a result the process did not offer the parties a fair hearing and decision to revoke Paula’s membership was not justified.

The principles of Natural Justice require certain standards and practices in the gathering and hearing of information and the right of all parties to transparency and the right to rebut. The BBRC constitution falls well short of these standards in its process for dealing with these types of issues.

Having learned valuable lessons from this, the Executive commits to adopting the principles of Natural Justice in these matters going forward. The rewriting of our Constitution is necessary to adhere to legislative changes likely to take effect this year and we will incorporate the changes indicated above. It is not necessary for the constitution to be changed to put Natural Justice principles in place however, so these changes are effective immediately.

We will also be revisiting our code of conduct itself, to update it and reflect the current values of the club and state our commitment to these values. We are committed to providing an environment that supports inclusiveness, encouragement, respect and empowerment while we foster a club free from disrespect, intimidation, bullying or abuse. Our new code of conduct will reflect each members commitment to this and we appreciate your support in making and maintaining this.

Mid Week Social
Every Wednesday 9.00am – 11.00am

Business House / Thursday Social Tournament
Every Thursday 7.00pm – 10:30pm

Veteran Morning
Every Friday 9.00am – 11:30am

Junior Club Night
Every Friday 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Free for all Junior Club Members to attend

Club Afternoon
Every Sunday 2.00pm – 4.00pm

From the Squash Court

We have many events planned over the next two months.
Working bee. Saturday 10 th August between 11am – 1am. We are going to clean up court 2 by
scrubbing the walls. We will have scaffolding available. We will have spare sponges and buckets.
Please consider helping as our courts need attention. We will have a squash hit afterwards and the
club will offer a free drink for those that helped afterwards.

Squash Club champs. 23-25 th August. Please sign up at either [email protected] or on the
noticeboard upstairs. We have also added a doubles event and will be happy to pair you up with
someone if you don’t have a partner. You can enter either to compete for your relevant graded
trophy or in the social league (old, broken or new). At 4pm on 25 th we will have a shared afternoon
tea, bring a plate. The executive will also be updating members on recent progress. No entry fees,
no prizes other than trophies and names in gold.

Team Challenge Social event. 7 th September. We are planning a ‘team challenge’ afternoon/evening
from approx. 3pm where each person will play in a team and have 3 games for 20mins. Please
watch the noticeboard to sign up.

BBRC A2 Below Squash Tournament. 27-29 September. Please enter either at either
[email protected] or sign up on isquash. We have our New Caledonian friends coming down
again and for those that attended last years event you will remember they are a friendly and vibrant
group. An evening function is being considered on the Saturday night. We are looking for a
sponsor and will offer court 2 tin as a combined deal. If you are interested please contact a squash
committee member.

Senior Club Night
Every Thursday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Ladies Squash Night
Every Friday 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Junior Club Night
Every Friday 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Free for all Junior Club Members to attend

From the Coaches

To read the latest news from the Coaches, select one of the buttons below to visit their news section on the BBRC Hub.  You can also find this information by clicking on the Tennis or Squash drop down menu above.

From the Tennis Coach
From the Squash Coach