Dear Members of BBRC,

After careful consideration, Jen Barlass has made the decision to step down as President of BBRC. Jen has been a tireless contributor to the club for many years and this is a decision she has not taken lightly. However, for several personal and professional reasons, she believes that this is right, and she has been bold enough to follow her heart.

Jen has sacrificed many hours of her own time to ensure the club stays both financially viable and is a welcoming and inclusive club for all its current and future members. We are extremely grateful that she will support the executive to see the completion of several large projects that she has worked tirelessly on over the last few years.

On behalf of the current and past executive committees, coaches, and the members of BBRC we wish to express huge gratitude to Jen. She has been committed, brave, thoughtful and determined as a servant of the club and given herself thoroughly to all the roles she has held.

Jen has graciously agreed to stay closely involved as Club Secretary as we move forward to ensure that the new executive and President can benefit from her experience and support. Again, demonstrating her selfless commitment to the well-being of BBRC.

Thank you, Jen, – you’re a rock star!